Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Some people say we are closest to God when we experience love. Not just romantic love but that bond of connection that can be forged between family members or friends.
It’s that sense of freeing ourselves and trusting in the unconditional care and acceptance of another.

The same can be true for play. When we are able to free ourselves to truly play, to have fun for the sake of fun, to free ourselves from concerns over what needs to be done next and simply be in a moment of play, we can experience joy, we can experience God.

Delight in life. Delight in the joy of others. Delight in a freedom from boundaries of age or rank or time. Delight in a freedom from daily anxieties. Delight.

Play might look like running into the ocean to meet the waves and yelling “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” each time they crash over you.

Play might look like baking a favorite cake or bread alone or with others and not caring how much flour falls to the floor or covers you. Delight in the stirring. Delight in the kneading. Delight in the mess.

Play might look like a favorite sport or a tenderly tended garden.

Play often sounds like laughter, but it can also sound like a welcome silence or a favorite musician.

Take time this week to delight in something. Alone or in communion with others.

And when you experience those moments of joy, take another moment to thank God. Thank God for life and breathe and the delight of play.

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