Sunday, July 29, 2007

picture postcards

Picture Prayers

Images convey meaning with tremendous power and depth. For millennia, people have used images as a way of praying.

Orthodox Christians use icons as a way of entering into divine space—the images become portals to God. Roman Catholic Christians began using stained glass to light cathedral spaces, coloring light in ways that marked it as transcendent. Paintings and frescoes give us ways of seeing and imagining the divine.

Images can also call us to prayer. Even more than words, they can give form to the prayers of our hearts, as we lift them to God.

We invite you to find images of people or situations you wish to hold in prayer. Place them somewhere you will see them regularly.

When you pass those pictures, give your attention to God. Even without words, your heart and your eyes can convey gratitude, care and concern.

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