Sunday, August 26, 2007

reading scripture

The Bible is filled with stories, poems, letter and histories, conveying the sacred stories of our Jewish and Christian ancestors to us. Reading the Bible is a way of connecting to that story.

Although it can be confusing, it also can give life. Reading scripture can allow the Word of God to come to you through the words printed on the Bible’s pages.

Start with something that feels familiar: a Psalm if you are ready for a poem that reads like a prayer. Matthew, Mark, Luke or John if you want to read the story of Jesus. Imagine the person who first wrote these words, as well as all those who have read them before you, now.

Say this prayer before you begin:
Holy God, open my heart as I read your scriptures, that these words might bring your good news to me now.


Geoff Peters said...

Great words... and a great ministry 'on the go.' In my congregation (Sunrise UMC, Colorado Springs, CO) we have recently turned a few folks on to the MethodX site... it has a great list of ways to pray before diving into scripture. Check it out at

Smartphone said...
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