Sunday, August 19, 2007

speaking out

Belonging in Christ changes our identity. Claiming life as children of God means rethinking how we relate to others. Sometimes, it demands we speak up on behalf of others. On behalf of justice and peace.

Christian faith is not a private matter; it affects everything about how we live in the world. So, as a way of growing in faith, we invite you to practice speaking out.

You might practice this when a conversation makes you uncomfortable, because someone is being judged or condemned or stereotyped. Dare to speak up, because it matters to you as a child of our God whose love knows no bounds.

You might also practice this when people seem complacent, or see only their own problems. Speak out on behalf of someone whose life yours can affect, but who might more easily seem invisible. Share the stories of people half a world away who work to make the clothes you wear, or who are affected by the policies of our government. Write a letter to a government official about an issue that Jesus taught you to care about.

As you do so, remember that Jesus said whenever we act kindly to the “least of these” in our midst, we are sharing kindness with him.

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